Sunday, September 07, 2008

Nuclear Deal, India and Clean Waiver from 45 countries

Nuclear Deal, is not easy as others think. We in India need Energy and to make it happen, we need Nuclear fuel.

123 waiver from USA? Not easy as it looks, it is English interpretation by Pranab Mukherjee and US Trade Body, that is still doing the rounds. NY Times reports, that Pranabji has mis-understood the entire "No" as "Yes".

India's point of view, is we would get a fair trade (other than Russia and France - with a Socialistic view so far). Note - 45 countries are Nuclear powers. Trouble Makers. - China, Austria and New Zealand. But they are very close allies and Bush did not talk to them, but Sarkozy called them to take care, it seems. Thanks to him!

People didnt notice the fact that Asif Ali Zardari - Co Chairman of Pakistan's People Party - has become the President after Pervez Musharaf. This is definitely was in mind with people, as both India and Pakistan would be responsible nuclear power groups.

India is a growing economic Super Power and we need 75% more energy from the Nuclear Arsenal. We have 42% of people lingering in poverty, living under US $ 1.25 per family (not head, note economists and press) and their economic upliftment depends upon energy. Thanks to Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal and of course P Chidambaram - in talking to his friends and allies - to make this deal a success. We should not forget the role Amar Singh and Karunanidhi played. No one noticed that there was a censure in Rajya Sabha on voice vote - which has no bearing.

Not but no the least, about 50% of senators is USA are against it. Based on Washington Post's report, if the deal does not get passed before Sept 28th, which in a matter of principle - from Saturday, would not catch the bus (just 8 days less). But Bush is urging them in Congress, for a simple majority Hyde Act based approval to trade in Nuclear stuff with India. Might Happen!

If so, then it is a landmark deal for Manmohan Singh and Bush.

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