Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The President, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

The President, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore is a decent hotel, with a decent spread. It is closer to the shopping complex and Jewellery (I picked up 2 Golden Ear-rings from Bhima's - for wife and daughter, as a surprise). Beware parking is a headache. I parked in front of a house. God knows, what all he cursed me! You can indulge in clothe shopping. I have also seen a shoe showroom, selling Rs 400/- Bata slipper at a premium of Rs 165/-, saying Petrol, rent is high etc.

Today myself and my biz partner went there for the lunch. A place to sit, talk and eat. say many Honeywell badge tickets there. Decent crowd.

Rs 225 plus taxes. About Rs 600/- for 2 with a Soda....

I have been there many time, probably this would the sixth time. I used to take visitors from USA in the previous co. They definitely have Mutton, Sea Food and decent biryani, with a good spread of vegetarian. Salad was not good. Yucky!

Today's desert sucked. Only ice-cream was not spoilt. (Who would eat bread halva, smelly barpi's and rotten mousse?)

My rating 2 *'s out of 5.

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