Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tech Savvy Cheaters in Astrology Business

Recently I was brought a notice from a close friend of mine, from Bangalore, who learns Astrology with me. Pardon me, if I am hurting in anyway - the genuine astro helpers.

Tech savvy guys get on to groups, then learn some basics of astrology and try answering some questions.

Then once they get the hang of things, they post some answers, while the query is posted by themselves with a different email id. Then there is correct prediction of event message posted on the group with the fake id.

One more trick these fraudsters use is, go to and get the free horoscope with the birth details provided and get the basic reading - which is almost on the perfect sense to make out the answer for the query.

Now other gullible troubled people (humans are always stressed one way or another.) fall for this and send out a personal note asking for help. Then these guys, ask for donation and try to make some money out of it. Some even have websites and say that dont want to charge, but charge and ripoff. Certain guys would not know that - it takes a lot of effort and very strong study to make something out of the query. (Always I see these websites post the costs of query and free stuff to download etc.). Their answers are so vague and tough to interpret. Yes and No. Who wants that. Is there a way to correctly predict the movement of a job/transfer for a person or the cause of illness of the person. Can they explain why they are trying to chose Sun aspecting 4th and 8th house for fathers Cancer, while 9th house is neglected?

The KP System predictions have been very good and scientific. (even though still it falls in earth's eye and Sun going around it as Prasara says - giving benefits). The beauty is it is very simple to learn, and I am telling from my experience of 19 years in KP system.

Beware, you cannot predict without the divine help and belief. Even if you approach scientifically, it might give the probability approach. But as Shri Krishnamurthiji says, unless you are blessed, you cannot read into things without the blessings and ruling planets.

I can tell you from personal experience that, I get totally drained out, after I do a Hororary analysis. That is the spiritual power.

I take life as it comes, and try to see the pits and try to cushion the effects of the fall one step at a time.

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