Saturday, May 03, 2008

User car export?

I never thought it could be so easy to get an used car shipped from USA to India.

Check this site

Well, first things first - you need to convert the driving side from left to right, thats it! And the dashboard items also move along.

I am told by a friend that his 1996 Accord shipment cost him 3500$ or so other than the cost his vehicle and conversion. Very cheap compared to what it costs to import a brand new car. But beware, you need to ensure that the emission standards and road worthiness certificates are got.

But last and not the least, you should always ensure that the current petrol gets the best of the car. (unleaded).


gan said...

How reliable is the car purchased from USA? And is it really possible to change the left hand drive to right hand drive when it reaches Inda shore ?

Vijay said...

Should be reliable, if you can afford the latest obscene duties at 135% of the invoice cost, which is always debated. The shipping cost is extra at 26 to 35 $/KG.

Darshan, Kannada actor, bought one Hummer recently, for 54 lakhs all incl, says it gives 1km/litre.

so much for guzzlers and cost.