Thursday, June 05, 2008

Will Obama win?

Absolutely no chance, as there are only 12% of population, who are African American, who could swing the democratic votes, with due respect

I did a quick survey on the most populated states in the USA (mostly southern), by African Americans, who were tortured to the core by inequality till 1964, would give Obama a 67 delegates lead in November (130 in all, but needs 270 plus). Never mind Bill Clinton who won all these states, and continuously Al Gore and John Kerry have carried too.

What about other states? Hillary has won handsomely (pun!) and indeed would be a better choice! If Democrats don't nominate, she should contest as an independent and there are more takers for her to win (50% vote guaranteed).

So what is the final outcome? John McCain winning over Obama by few points, if Hillary doesn't contest. May the winner help India.

I have to set my mood to check with KP System.

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