Thursday, June 05, 2008

Beware of drug laws in UAE!

Amazing, how Mohamed Asif the cricketer was caught for having small traces (minute) of a banned drug in his wallet. Lucky him, thanks to the Pakistan Ambassador's push, etc... he is getting deported. God Saved him!

Traveling via or to UAE, please read this carefully...

Here is a list of banned drugs, 374 to be precise (no painkillers that are sold over the counter in India).

Also read this article. (man.. 3 minute Poppy seeds on bun to get you 4 years, tough luck! Also by mistake if you stamp on Charas/Hasish and if a thread is stuck on your shoe, another 4 years... sends shivers!)

I am just wondering how does Alfa & Parwaaz Biriyani gets exported from Hyderabad to UAE? (KazKaz = Poppy seed powder, typically found in Biriyani mix)

Note - Now I wonder why my Amrutanjan and Vicks vanished from my handbag, when they were checking my bag at Dubai during 2003.

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