Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bringing up Kids

I dont know how my parents managed to bring me up. I learnt myself, from the time I knew about me. Hard work other than work at home.

My kids nowadays are behaving so average, dumb, like idiots and stupids, watching TV cartoons all the time, reminds me of the USA kids I rant about, and dont bother about the studies etc. I cannot get a cheaper school than MITRA academy other than Kannada medium schools. I might have to rob or steal to put them in decent schools run by big thiefs.

I am worried how they would end up studying and eventually make a living? Cry baby cry!

My son does not talk Kannada our mother tongue (forget about reading or writing) or Tamil (he grew up in Chennai - so expected to speak a bit). It is always English (cartoon way!) and he doesnt get words to express himself. All he wants is TV and food (junk, most of the times).... overweight like me already! May be he has dyslexia or is autistic. I have to spend some money to find about it.

My daughter wants to do all the stuff my son wants to do, but gets tired of playing, and gets stuck to TV. Eat junk and cry always for small small things.

Both of them dont get along with the kids at all, and get beaten up if they go to play. So I had put them in Karate in the apt. complex only to know that, it is an Indian version. Stupid!

Luckily they were able to learn swimming, the only achievement this Summer.

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