Sunday, June 01, 2008

Liars in the family and X marks

I thought of writing this article about my wife's sister's son. Who passed X Matric at Sirumugai.

That guy studies well, apart from little bit of extracurricular & karate. 872668.

Now he has gone to some mark mill school at Vidhya Vikas Kendra in Tiruchengode. (my wife talking about reserving seats for our kids now, Sharon in 3rd and Prithiv in 1st, there for their 10th and 8th, after my retirement at 45, is going on). Note that that school got state first in Plus Two and almost all in first group goes to Engineering or Medical (30%).

He was admitted in Plus 1 based on recommendation and a cost of about Rs 1 lakh per annum with hostel fees in first group, and he has finished one month of schooling (not sure whether that is illegal, even before the actual admission starts after results).

His parents were too worried about him passing History and Geography paper (did not sleep before that exam, and didn't want to write it, crying and all). He has given not so good opinion on it. He has got 94 marks! He has got 99 in maths owing to question paper printing error of 1 mark question (8 looks like 5, something of that sort), which was not taken for award of marks. With his horrible Tamil handwriting has scored 92, so he lost out to a girl (obviously good handwriting) on being school first by 3 marks. Talks about Kongu's (Kongunadu-Coimbatore area) and Kaambu's second meaning...

So when I called him to congratulate on 30th at 10AM, and asked him about lying, he said I had to give it back to my parents for the torture to make me slog and study without any play! Poetic Justice!

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Hey found this today! By Writer Jeyamohan. Cried man!