Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spelling Bees on Sport Channel

They might be kidding, yes it was true, ABC program Spelling Bee was aired on ESPN (?) on Monday evening. Indian American guy won the prize in that though.

Why do those guys.... have braced teeth and weight on the paunch and bespectacled?

In India we don't mind crooked teeth (thethu pallu looks cute ella?) and squint eye. But USA guys do. Better looks and knowledge is enough to gain respect, get good schooling and live with a decent job ever after.

An ABCD I know - 2nd gen - fitting your descriptions - in IBM has survived from 1989, voila! Multimillion $ mansion overlooking Hudson and timeshare on a bizjet and all... with same description offsprings, 3rd gen (visa thakolri Dodamma, namodu US barubodu)

Obvisously the games they play are on XBoxes, inducing less sports & physical activity. Ban them!

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