Sunday, March 25, 2007

Multiple offers and dilemma

Multiple offers and dilemma

Definitely, things are tough, if you have made up your mind to join a small company as a VP with a decent jump and another offer comes in... Dilemma... things might get complicated if one more offer comes in, as we end up talking to multiple parties before the firm and final offer comes in.

Also you have to look into the matter of the larger company and living in the same place too! Very seriously... no shifting, no school hassles, no pain.... (but the gain is what is looked at... )

Yes matters gets complicated if, the new offer is same or better from the first offer,  accepts all the notice period, plus the sign on bonus of 2 months gross salary, and ensures that your long term on site trip with family would be taken care for atleast one year.... of course with 10 times more stock options on signing on day!

So much for the IT industry issues and the run along with it. I would feel very dejected to say NO to anyone who has offered me. Since IT industry is so networked, and everyone knows everyone, it would be tough when you cross paths later.

I still feel and laugh at the interview question (first one almost) "Why do you want to change your job?"  while they were after me at the right fit! (with the baiters/consultants running around)

Always I do tell that I dont plan anything beyond 5 years.... Also, may be, I might revive Sharon Software Systems later.

Let us wait and see, one more day to decide! All are subject to getting the relieving letter on time, with no worries. But both companies wouldnt know that I have already quit....(mentally)

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