Thursday, March 29, 2007

27% Quota Stayed by SC

27% Quota Stayed by SC

A good thing to do!

Please note that I am not against social upliftment.

What is interesting to note is, the creamy layer
exemption and the caste based data based on 1931
census was the reason cited.

Who deserves the most (quota and relief)? This is
unanswered. Constitutional amendment is needed.

What government can do?

(1) exclude creamy layer, but provide scholarships for
them or loan.
(2) for a given family, only 2 people can get
(3) do the social security number system, along with
caste for each and every individual in India. I can
revive Sharon Software Systems, and get a product done
for 10 crores, and get it done for whole of India in a
year, 30 states for the sum equal to NREGS (Rs 100 per
day for unemployed to collected 100 peoples data and

Total People 1050000000
Data per Day/person 100
NREGS unemployed people per state for data collection
States 30
Total Data Per Day 30000000
Days to do collection 35
Project days 365

NREGS Salary Cost is 10000*365*100 = 365.5 crors
Cost of 300000 Laptops at Rs 30000 each = 900 crores
Server Cost at 1500000 * 30 = 4.5 crores
Total project cost at about 1300 crores.

Now with a population of 105,00,00,000 in India and
growing, this is fast needed, even to implement the
social security scheme. The companies can be charged
at 5% of the basic salary (you get the right to send
out a person = layoff, giving 3 months notice) and
also the employee pays 5% giving a nest egg for
government to invest in good bluechips/PSU stocks and
generate returns, and pay upto 18 months relief at
66.66% and rest of the time at 50% till he/she gets a
job. If he or she doesnt get a job in 3 years,
government should retrain the person below 55 and post
in a job providing the acceptable salary, at 50% earned 3 years before. Medicare can also be covered in this. This is doable! I can get it done for India, provided the retirement age is acceptable at 60.

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