Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fun City Chennai is a Death Trap for Kids

Fun City Chennai is a Death Trap for Kids

No safety, no First Aid Kit, and hundreds of kids allowed to play in a small area!

Something fishy and wrong and collision with local government is happening.

Yesterday we went with my kids to City Centre the new place for food and fun in Chennai. Obviously the fame is catching up, but without any safety precautions. The place is doomed and will be taken care!

After a meal in one of the restaurants, my kids insisted on playing at Funcity, who charge at exorbitant rates... 20 rupees for a 2 minutes game and 80 rupees for 1 hour in the congested death trap (slide and balls play area).

No attendant (with due respect, they dont have locals for managing - I dont know why?) was actively taking care of kids.

Since my son is under 5, we wanted  to be along with him, just to ensure. The flat faced lady comforted me that nothing wrong will happen and they will take care of kids well. My kids played for 10 minutes, and some rowdy kids - too small to take care, pushed around and my son fell down, with a big scratch on his face. (tip of the nose). I rushed there, and in vain, found no first aid kit. (obviously someone is taking bribe and letting the safety norms go for a toss!). No cotton and we had to use of hankies and take him to the nearest hospital. Luckily nothing serious and I hope the scar heals fast. The surgeon at CSI Kalyani Hospital nearby said, there could be a little scar....Now there will be mental tension and we have to run around, that too with his annual exam time!

When all this was happening, the manager did a first thing, all managers would envy off! He asked the flat faced lady whom I was angry with, to run away from the scene. (Note - there was business going on as usual, without first aid kit, but collecting money only!).

I wish someone from government take a sincere note of this and close down the establishment ASAP.

I live in Gopalapuram and proximity to the ruling party folks. Things will get messy! If it had been USA I would have sued them for a billion, not that I will not do it now!

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Anonymous said...

You're right and there is no way you and me can change that.The only thing we can do is stop going there.