Friday, March 30, 2007

Sick Companies and Relieving Letter

My father used to say that people like Marwadis (sorry, I didn't mean to!) will take interest even from Yama for the life they have lived, because he takes it from them.

I have come across such companies whom I got associated with a number of times, including the current one.

The advertise so much, but they hardly care for employees.... their website is full of poop of taking care of employees.

Once the employee decided to leave, what the heck stops them from relieving fast? Obviously few things done by the employer would have made the employee go away from them isnt it? Sicko's dont realise it. They are after getting land at cheaper prices from government in illegal ways, double bill clients, hire freshers taking 75000 rupees illegally thru placement consultants, provide no training or career enhancements, give the best benefit only to the old timers, who have been with them from beginning (sold their souls), provide no decent hikes, forget about employees even in certain important farewell meetings, irritates to the core.... try to hire employees at one level below from previous, promise them onsite posting but don't provide giving vaguest reasons, handle them unceremoniously at the time of exit, forget the old adage of HR that "if you can't make an employee productive, at least make employable (for the sake of hiring, wasting both their times...)",  in the name of flexi-time make the employees slog for peanuts like double than the weekly 40 hours to 80 hours flouting labour laws, while the seniors ask five star chefs to cook for them at office time (Sickos eat hot 5* masala dosai at office time!)....

Relieving letter? No way, pay up 2 months gross, err.... serve 2 months notice till we get a replacement.... it is like living a life of a bonded labor.

There are ways to take care of such people. I am going to print my own relieving letter (just kidding!) or generate my own relieving email (just kidding on Privex). Letterheads are available from the same third party hirers, who share their cut for getting gullible fresher employees....(I am told!) I can also publish such contact no's of agents and company insiders. I can get rid of the company's dirty  CFO in one single email to SOX Compliance Cell in the USA (whistleblower).

This SOX compliance and US government will not keep quiet on just registering the largest private Indian company, just by paying the rulers few millions and flout all the laws of labor. SEC will not keep quiet, shares of their company would be beaten down to death (fallen 50% already)! All the supporters of you know who, will be taken care by USA (I think they have invested in this company thru their shares as the Indian security agency says).
I love working with satisfaction than a job.

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