Saturday, March 24, 2007

My new Indian Cricket team (a message to Mr Pawar and Vengsarkar)

After the debacle with Srilanka (everyone has it once a while), Indian cricket team needs a makeover.

Even if they make it to Super 8, thanks to Bermuda on Sunday, Sachin, Dhoni and Harbhajan gets the axe in all matches.

First thing

Sack Rahul Dravid as captain (but retain in team, The Wall) and re-instate Sourav Ganguly as Captain. Good for India for next 2 years.

Send out Sachin Tendulkar, even God needs retirement. (my son handles the bat well, just kidding ;-) ). No wonder his son says Dhoni is best, Wow!

Dhoni gets the boot. Let us give him a break, back for Australian trip.

Now Harbhajan magic is over after finger injury, with 5 runs plus an over and 36 plus a wicket in 50 balls, Ramesh Powar is the best bet. Anil Kumble should have played the Srilanka match than clicking pictures. Swansong in one-day cricket for him. Bye bye, owner of Candlelight software.

Robin Uthappa needs some more match practice so he stays.

Dinesh Kaarthick should be no 1 wicketkeeper, it was sad to see him cry when India lost.

Vengsarkar and team have done his best (taking care of state/caste/religion quotas, personal interests (Abhijit Khale was right!)), but he should have had Suresh Raina and Mohd. Kaif in the team. He did for Sehwag, but he needs a break too! Let him come back for Australian trip.

What is Pathan doing? Get his brother too!

Also Badrinath and Venugopal Rao should be given a serious try, they are very good fielders too!

Where the heck is Ishant Sharma? he will play soon.... I want that Abid Ali from Kashmir on the trip to England.

God Bless All!

So others stay around with all the salary and incentives, clubbed with performance.

Finally, no more individual advertisement contracts, only team contracts..... Good for team India.


Naavi said...

I agree with you. My detailed views are available at


Naavi said...

I agree with your views. My detailed commens before and after the Sri Lankan matches are available here:

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