Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Womens Quota in India

Excellent news for women, aspiring to go to Parliament. So in the next general elections this would be a reality and more attendance would be there, owing to the family get together there every day. :-)

There is a 33% quota bill ( with sub quota as per old system, of SC/ST div? ) would be there.

For constitutional amendments, a joint sitting of both houses (like what happened in OBC quota) or first the RS has to approve, then LS - both with 66% votes and then the individual states (full state capacity - now 28) will have to accept @ 50%. With Congress and BJP led govt. are there in most states, it will be a cakewalk and President would sign in a years time.

I think the delimitation exercise, would be done like this.

- Womens seat already occupied
- Where there is more women in constituency ( based on 2011 census )
- non business rich, mines less, control less areas.
- neighboring constituencies of the big wigs, to place their wife', daughters or relatives

Note - already Veerappa Moily and Deve Gowda govt.'s in Karnataka brought in 50% quota for women, and many Indian states are following.


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