Saturday, March 13, 2010

School fees

Most of the schools in Bangalore have increased the fees in one way or other.

Every year, it has gone up by 20%. I am not sure whether teachers get that hike. One teacher in my kids school, told me that, she is on contract for the same 5k, since 2007. Most of the schools are run like that only. Business.

Recently my kids fee was paid as cash in school. It was signed, sealed and given. A notice was sent to us, saying that, we have not paid the bill. ( many parents had this issue ).

I was travelling and took a week to go and check on this issue. For some reason, they dont have entries in terms of money received as cash. Some goofup. They asked me to show the proof or pay again. No ledger entries are made and maintained. Idiots.

I told them, if that is the case, you dont believe us, give the TC for kids, along with the donation paid with 24% interest, I will move out to a better school. I started yelling, and threw in my friends name, with connections.

I walked out in a huff.

15 minutes later, the school receptionist calls and apologises on behalf of the school. The Principal wasnt even bothering about it. They found entries in a second book it seems. Illegal collections, with entries.

So much for the values, they advertise as they stand for. Integrity. Honesty and Dependability.  :-)


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