Monday, July 06, 2009

#Budget Twitter messages

Boring budget! Poor, Rural folks get a good deal. Corporates are not happy! But 10% surcharge on personal IT removed! No word on Soc Sec sch

#Budget just noticed Cheap Yarn for textiles to cost less. Need not import from elsewhere! But branded guys, will hike again saying budget!

If FBT goes, the special allowances come back in. There might be some kinda tax exemptions found out. I am for a flat tax and no exemptions.

Planning commission says, it costs govt. subsidies (fertilizer, loans) @ Rs 10/- to get 1 kg Rice/Wheat produced! Nw giv at Rs 3/kg? Sense?

One gentleman from Delhi School of Economics said on a biz channel, give each family @ Rs 25,000/- PA and get rid of subsidies. Makes sense!

No way, FBT reduction would make middle class happy! Only rich middleclass (IT job) can get real relief! 30% benefits, but FBT comp 8%! :-(

"More IT based employment exchange in each Dist HQ". Long time wait. I hope Rs. doesnt make people jump Q. #Ration = Socialistic. Banks suck

Prannoy ROy, is blabbering. He is bringing Bharat (Hindi speaker) into India. TV time sells. All for commercial breaks? Commies are silent!

Now the spitting spew Rajdeep Sardesai will start haunting all politicians asking about budget! Expect no #Diesel prices hike but #Petrol :

Overall defence related sector would be happy. Atleast they can get decent pay for protecting India with no pay anomalies. 34% hike Allocatn

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