Sunday, November 02, 2008

Koffee with Anu - Cho and Mouli - November 1st, 2008

This week Koffee with Anu was a good one with Cho and Mouli !

Cho is blatant - a man who is constantly searching his identity. I did like his liking to ex CM Jayalalithaa.. and his comments. He was not fair. May be thats his brahminical style?

Mouli is too good. I have met him once in Bangalore Airport (when he told he is more of a stage artist), true all his movies were like that!

"Saar irukkaana?" Cho's punch, and the yearning for the long time high flier status!

He is open about the soft corner for BJP and Hindutva.....

Suprising to know about Cho Ramaswamy's dad was a farmer, and who won a govt. award! (coveted?)

Time capsule joke (he mentions that after 400 years or so, people would believe that he wrote the Constitution of India).

The friendship between Cho and Mouli was imminent.

Thanks to Vijay TV, as they are listening to me for bringing in slightly better guests, other than the Cinema guys!

Next is me?

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