Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fake Marriage!

Fake marriage!

My wife's cousin, had a fake marriage in a temple, to get the UK visa fast...

And this got registered too! I h ope they saw the nice Muhurtha timings!

Real truth, the fiance guy, wants to save few thousand pounds tax in year 2008... as the real marriage is slated during Feb 2009!


Now the husband (1) guy, will travel alone to UK, leaving his wife back, and would return to get really married and take her to UK!

Grapevine says, that this marriage was fixed in these unforeseen market timings, to ensure that the girl get a foreign life!

"நினைப்பவர் போன்று நினையார்கொல் தும்மல் சினைப்பது போன்று கெடும். " - குறள் எண் : 1203

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