Tuesday, October 21, 2008

அறிபுனை போட்டி முடிவுகள்

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அறிபுனை போட்டி முடிவுகள்

I did not win, does not matter!

But appreciate the willingness myself to take pains to write and participate!

Congrats to the winners and the painstaking process taken by JeyaMohan to evaluate!

His descriptions sound totally different!

I wrote 2 stories, which got me some more readers, who visit regularly!


27. கூடு விட்டு கூடு

38. வேலை

More than 500 visitors for above 2 stories, based on the hitcounter. Does it mean anything?

Also one of my stories,

Sangalph - Its for togetherness, a Short Story

had more hits to date for one of my individual blogposts! Few cinema guys were interested in it, and not sure about monetizing that! Isn't this a success?

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