Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Morning blues? Who cares!

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Come Monday and most of us see red. We manage to drag ourselves out of bed and getting to work and back is a task that would make climbing Mt. Everest akin to child's play. We are pretty much like zombies on the first day of the week... no matter that we end up having the same syndrome at least 51 more times every year!

So, is there a better way to beat the blues? Here we have ten things you can do to get Mr. Groucho Marx out of your system on Monday mornings…

(1) For starters, it might help if you discover the job you'd really love to do. The one thing in life that is not forced upon you and something that you could create a career out of. As the old saying goes, "find a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life."

(2) If Monday's don't beckon you to work, maybe there is every reason for you to consider a job change. Of course, this does not readily guarantee a reversal to the blues once your work gets routine at the new job.

(3) Think of how you can re-engineer your job at the workplace. Most of us dread the Monday mornings because there is hardly any difference between what we did on Fridays to what we will do on Mondays. It's sheer boredom.

(4) Examine the typical week and figure out the pressure points that you undergo over five days. Who or what is causing your blood pressure to shoot up and why do you carry stress over the weekend?

(5) Enroll for some hobby, preferably on Monday evenings. This way you could wake up thinking of the good times that you will spend in the evening and hence forget about the reasons that could mess up your Monday.

(6) For those of you who work five days a week, try taking a complete day off on Saturday, hitting the party circuit on Sunday evenings instead. Of course, the only danger is that you may carry the hangover to work, thus compounding the Monday blues.

(7) If possible, rework your schedule in office on Monday so that you are not starting from where you left off on Saturday. On most occasion, it's boredom that makes you see red on Monday mornings.

(8) Having a good workout on Monday morning is a good way to keep stress levels low throughout the day. Get the blood pumping and make sure that you release all that negative energy even before getting to the breakfast table.

(9) Try and get an extra hour in bed before the blues hit you. Since, waking up late can add to your problems, it may be a swell idea to curl up early on Sunday night.

(10)Have your brightest clothes on before you start off for the week. Of course, you will have to hope that your colleagues also follow suit or you may end up as an anachronism at work on Mondays.

And finally, try and change your attitude towards Mondays. Let it not be a "Thank God It's Friday" and "Oh No! It's Monday" syndrome. Try and take Mondays as just any other day of the week. A friend of mine used to get in on Mondays thinking that he had just two days to Wednesday which is mid-week and then just two more days to the weekend. It's essentially about living one day at a time!

Source: India Syndicate

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