Sunday, September 21, 2008

Koffee with Anu - Pandhayam Team (Sept 20th, 2008)

It is always a please to watch Puratchi Iyakkunar S.A. Chandrasekar in action in movies or Interviews.

He always comes with his wife, for sure.

Very nice interview. Anu seems to be interviewing better these days. Well the talk in segment (video) is a bore. What guts Prakash Rai has to scold about the hero guy on TV?

He gave a great explanation on the Vijay Rasigar Mandram Kodi, Politics entry (one more, but 2016?) and the issues with Ajit (man made, human emotions blah blah).

I am not sure whether Vijay will be able to justice to his aspirations! Good Luck!

So how did that hero (not at all flamboyant) Nithin Sathya land in the role. He was good in Chennai 600 028.

This movie made a gross of the production cost in a weeks time. Not bad.

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