Sunday, September 28, 2008

Koffee with Anu - Saroja Team (September 27th, 2008)

It was a special episode with a character.

Tamil movie Saroja (even though it is a utter copy of Judgement Night
with jokes) is a hit in recent terms. I am told they have grossed
double than investment in 15 days. Not bad!

The whole team (main characters) were there.... SPB Charan is a
useless character. I dont know why he acts?

From Chennai - 600 028 (except Nithin Satya, the shortie) this movie
team, is doing wonders. They have this double or nothing attitude,
always making the movie bilingual (Tamil, Telugu). Audience are

Jayaram is the villain, and he was at his comedy's best. Hats off to
you Sir! I wish to meet and spend sometime with you, somedays when I visit Chennai

Overall a decent show.

Anu did not see Chennai-28, it is a hit and now she has not seen
Saroja, it is a hit. So Movie producers, make sure that Anu does not
watch your movies, to make it a hit!

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Usha Sudharsan said...

yeah.. she told she dint see Chennai 28 & doesnt want to see Saroja so that it even becomes a hit...