Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic performance of Michael Phelps

Olympic performance of Michael Phelps

And there's no question in our minds that he deserves every one of
the accolades and then some. Some may say he used drugs that were not detected.


Because he's an outstanding example of someone who has followed
the Universal Laws that always bring success. And you can find
the clear evidence of that in some of the media coverage of

In an article about Phelps and his coach, Bob Bowman, NBC Sports
reported, "Bowman, who is something of a student of success
literature, said a recurring theme of his coaching and
direction is that successful people...make a habit of doing
things other people aren't willing to do. And that's our game

That's almost word for word what Brian Tracy (and others)
teaches on the subject: "The difference between successful
people and failures is that successful people make a habit of
doing the things that failures do not like to do."

And that's just one pretty obvious reason for Michael's success,
but there are others...

Like the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Again Brian Tracy
has a great teaching on this subject that he calls "the
greatest principle in the history of mankind."

"The Law of Cause and Effect says that everything happens for a
reason. For every effect in your life, there is a cause, or
series of specific, measurable, definable, identifiable causes.

This law says that if there is anything you want in life, an
effect that you desire, you can find someone else that has
achieved the same result or effect, and that by doing the same
things that they have done over and over you can eventually
enjoy the same results and rewards.

"Success, however you define it, is not an accident. It is not a
result of good luck versus bad luck. Even if you have not taken
the time to clearly identify how you got from where you were to
where you are today, there have been a series of specific steps
that you have taken that have brought you to where you are at
this minute. And the fact is, they could have brought you to no
other place. You are where you are, and what you are because of
yourself. It has been your choices and your decisions over the
months and years that have inevitably determined the condition
of your life at this moment.

"The most wonderful part of this is that at any time you can
start making different choices and different decisions, taking
different steps and you will inevitably arrive at a different
place than where you are today.

"The greatest thinkers of all time, going back to the earliest
recorded writings of the earliest religions, the earliest
philosophers and metaphysical schools have all emphasized the
power of the human mind to shape individual destinies.

"The key to your enjoying more of what people call luck is for
you to engage in more of the actions that are more likely to
bring about the consequences that you desire. At the same time,
you must conscientiously decide to avoid those actions that
will not bring about the consequences that you desire, or even
worse, will bring about consequences that you don't want.

"The laws of cause and effect, action and reaction, sowing and
reaping, are timeless truths, universal principles that have
existed since the beginning of man on this earth. All success,
happiness and high achievement comes from organizing your life
in conformance with these timeless principles. When you do, you
will achieve satisfaction and enjoyment at levels seldom
experienced by the average person and of course, people will
start to refer to you as lucky."

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