Wednesday, August 20, 2008

India wins the 2nd medal in Olympics - Bronze in Wrestling

I was tweeting like this...

Sushil Kumar won back to back 2 rounds of prelims in Kusthi (Wrestling). 2 more and a medal chance. hoping for no media hype.

Sushil Kumar wins bronze medal for India. 66 kg freestyle wrestling. Hope the media stops hype and Sports Minister M S Gill remembers name! (He didnt know who Pullela Gopichand of England win fame in Badminton - what a Sports Minister?)

Stupid channel CNN IBN flashed news Sushil Kumar was knocked out, when Sushil Kumar lost in Semi's to Ukraine. There was one more match!

India wins 2 medals at Olympics after 56 years, since Helsinki, when K D Jadhav of Maharastra won, who died a pauper. Sports Ministry wakeup!

Congrats Sushil Kumar! Well Done!

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