Friday, July 04, 2008

Bhagawad Gita! பகவத் கீதா ஒரு கிளைக் கதை!

பகவத் கீதா ஒரு கிளைக் கதை! (மஹாபராதம்)

Bhagawad Gita if definitely a kilaikathai (sub story) of Mahabharata (மஹாபராதம்), telling about the king of yadav's Kanhai (கண்ணன்) who is one of the avatars of Vishnu (Perumal). There is no clue about who created Vishnu.

So somewhere something started. Big Bang! Right? These are the assumptions the scientologists, and agnostic atheists are hard to take it.

Let me give a give an example - evolution is the survival of the fittest, but who allows one particular community to survive? Like Devangas (actually from Israel) driven south by Moghuls, the holocaust, which world is still trying to forget sympathetically and the partition of India. No one understood why the Radcliffe line was drawn and the owners of the land of the other side (I need a list or statistics of people moved) were not given money at all, except for the govt. in waiting (Musharraf had written about it). There is a lot of political will needed to have allowed to execute that plan. Imagine the scores of people being dead? Why all this? There is a cause! Bhagawad Gita!

Also the recreation of Israel is due to Bhagawad Gita influence. Karna is sucked out of his born powers and cleansed and cleaned up and Vishnu comes down to ask him to say good bye to the world! Accomplishment! As a born Hindu (my great great ancestors were worshippers of fire, Sun), I cannot accept this. Why will God come down to ask a person to depart? My Dad used to say, each life is gifted by will power, so one day you can decide yourself to leave/depart. If the time has come, pick a particular day, and move on! கருமமே கண் ஆயினார்!

I have written a book, Bhagawad Gita for 365 days of your life. Will print, after finding a publisher. Controversies will boil down. Naveenam!

Facts are facts, certain things are clear in mother tongue. So I will target philsophically in the world of known languages and give them the way they want!

Nobody has the moral right to say, this is how it is!

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