Sunday, June 29, 2008

Koffee with Anu (June 28th K S Ravikumar Mudaliar & R Sarathkumar Nadar) Part 1

Very good program! June 28th K S Ravikumar & R Sarathkumar... (both should add one more "a" for numerology sake)

I was wondering, why the producers allowed them to utter the caste words there.

I give my quiescence to K S Ravikumar to serve the Tamil film industry in spite of being rich, and serve the Tamil audience! Thanks to you R B Choudhary Sir! (I have appeared in a small off focus bit in Naya Saavan movie, shot at Hotel Golconda in 1990, which is a remake of Puthu Vasantham. For gossipers, I have also appeared in my St Josephs, Tirupur school uniform in a crowd scene during 1982, when the movie Buthisali Payithiangal was shot - in front of my Friend B Prakash's house - Suresh breaking their grill shouting. Readers are requested to send me those bits).

Uncle Sarathkumar was wonderful! I have seen his first movie as villain introduced by Vijayakanth along with my brother at Albert on May 22nd 1986, when I came to Chennai to meet some DOTE officials with my Dad's political contact, to secure the seat at PSG.

I have seen him in the shooting of Gang Leader at Sri Annapoorna Studios, Hyderabad..... (wearing neack braces, off the shots - he acted as IAS offficer aspirant). Pesonally I didnt like the thing about party etc.

KS Ravikumar was wonderful. Puriyatha Puthir was wonderful too! Suspense! (I used to watch tons of movies at Tirupur, and particularly during Exam times, when Rs 1.10 ticket would be easy to get).

Let me continue on Part 2 next week.

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