Sunday, June 29, 2008

The case of Anand Jon

USA charming, but Indians have trouble! Trouble after trouble (like guilty until proven innocent). To get media attention, You should be a Spanish or African American. Indian are suckers! Don't bother. Too many Guru's around, who would not come out in open with their own tracks! Well I have seen many Indians (2.1 million minority of 300 million population in USA) not helping each others in USA (except for a particular state).

Watched Ipadikku Rose show on June 26th night 10PM, where Sanjana Jon (Nagercoil born, elder sister of Anand Jon) along with Badri (my friend and ex neighbor at Chennai). Anand Jon has got USA Citizenship, so Indian government cannot ask about him.

"If you don't give me a free jeans, I will get you in a rape case!". That too after a 2.30 hours of lunch! The joke became a reality. If the act is consensual unless with an underage girl, it would be statutory rape.

Eye Witness is one of the Miss Universes after 2006.

"Anand Jon, is the cultural fashion Ambassador who is putting India on map of the world and obviously taking a small fee for it!" exclaims Sanjana Jon.

"I feel this is racial discrimination to the core! Why should one colored guy should be so famous than their own since killing Red Indians and occupying their land", asks Sanjana Jon. Pity, too late to realize. President George W Bush should help in this and get him out.

Well I pray to God to give the family mental peace. I want them to get justice and they should come back and live in India! Indians should live in India.

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