Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Yahoo Astrology groups

I am still not clear on what any Yahoo Astrology groups is going to achieve!

But the topic I would like to discover are...

(1) Everyday life events - precaution against accidents
(2) Best study periods for students
(3) Money - wise way to earn and spend
(4) Job - how and when one gets the best output. My guru's have always advised me to take the first option that comes across, as the nature has answered your wish, rather than waiting for the right one. I will post more stories, that I have heard about. The best job is never round the corner. (Feel free to talk about your Guru in any group, that is important)
(5) Health - don't we all need a word of advise, to not succumb to our genealogy? (that is passed down in the bean tree of Mendel?)

Note - I am ardent lover of KP System, for it to help timing the events better, in which I am learning since 1989.
I have a group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KPSystem to discuss on it. You have to understand a bit about houses, and the stellar theory.

I also like the Astakavarga system, and a friend of mine Sundaram, runs a group, basically researching the timings based on Astakavarga. He has devised rules called "Sundaram Rules", which gives me more than 80% results, and helps to compare against the KPSystem events. You can check that group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KAstakavargaResearch

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