Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Donation and talk with my son!

This is the actual conversation took between me and my son recently....

"Dad, my school wants me to donate some money for the Bangalore relief scheme"
"Great. Actually it is a very good thing to do, son. It is good to do your part to help the people suffering in our part of the country"
"It's been made compulsory"
"I thought it was voluntary?"
"Yeah, but... the teacher is asking all the class students to donate compulsorily"
"Well….I dunno dad (imagine cartoon talk)"
"Its still fine, son. It's always good to do something to support people who are affected by natural disasters"
"How many rupees do we give Dad?"
"How much did Kailash give?"
"100 rupees"
"Then you give 150. If that Kailash can donate 100, we can do much more. After all, when it comes to the 'status', we are far ahead of them"
"No dad, I want to give double! (here comes the status issue!) mummy, Daddy is really a poor beggar like you say! ooh.. (crying)."
"OK OK 200 is final. Honey (yelling) don't give a single paisa more. Artha ayetha?"
"Dad! They are also organizing a camp. They want you to drive our Toyota Innova to take materials from Teachers house to Mysore and back to Bangalore"
"But you said money is collected for Bangalore....?"
"But Dad, teacher wants to collect money in Mysore also."
"We cannot do all that…"
"But a couple of guys from my class are giving cars…"
"Are you sure? When?"
"From Friday evening till Monday morning! along with driver and full petrol!"
"(gasp) honey call 1066..... (gasp)"

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