Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Tamil words in English

In the previous post I had written pai aranjifyd = ghost beaten. Atleast some beleive it is true and the pale face shows it.
அம்மா அப்பா தaத்தa எல்லோர்uம் எப்படி வாழ்ந்து வாழுறாங்க? Appa amma thatha ellam eppadi vazhndu vazhraanga? Means how are dad, mom, granpa and all living and alive? meant to talk about weighty issues.
Now sowkiyama = how are you? 3 in 1 word.
Poda Dai! - Get Lost!
Sottai = Bald
Thimir = high headed, egotistic
kudi = drinks and also about the people (famous saying kudi kudiaye kedukkum means drinks will spoil people).
thalaiva - leader
Sex - udal uravu, paerinbam (hmm...), punarchi
Body parts
kai - hands
kaal - legs
eduppu - hip
thoppul - navel (all these Thamizh directors know about this)
maarbu - breasts (10% of Thamizh movie cinematographers agnles are set here on heroines or vamps) Jokingly kids & college students (payangal) refers as 'maal' (hindi word), sarakku. But there are some ancient Thamizh words like Thengu and Kongu to describe those.
birushtam = buttocks (colloquially pochchu, and my daughter says it cute pochchi)
There are some other parts words - which will be posted on demand, as it might make my site Adults only. I get mails from 10th std students as well. So making sure the sanctity.
Why this post? To respect Thamizh. Edukku intha katturai? Thamizhukku vanakkam.
Also trying to be famous. Mae'lum perumai serkka muyarchi.

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