Thursday, June 26, 2008

Koffee with Anu - why am I not writing?

I have been regularly writing on Koffee with Anu - and now, why am I not writing?
I stopped writing after Kuppai - Kuruvi - team was interviewed. No offense. But why to plus a buggy movie, which I am told is no rehash of anything.
Readers from USA are asking - about 30+ of them who gets an insight, before searching thiravirunthu on the recording.
Decent guests are not there. I wish Kamal had come in, when Dasavatharam was released, with proximity to Anu.
Earlier, one show made me sort of cry, was that of Anitha Kuppuswamy. The kongu girl (good one) who talks nice Tamil, being a Lucknowite. She dared to marry a dark & talented (even bragged on show of being black and white) singer Kuppusamy, who was handpicked by Bangaru Adigalar, of Melmaravathur. Humble roots were also shown.
Crazy Mohan team with new drama, too noisy - last weekend was utterly nonsense. Stupid quesitons. Funny MTech laughs.
(I am ready to write on the show if Star Vijay pays me, US $1000/- per episode)

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