Sunday, May 25, 2008

Election Results of Karnataka May 2008 an update

I am watching Karnataka Election news and bewildered how the angry planets work against certain parties.

Now the trend is certain, BJP is the clear majority party, with support of some independents.

Refer to the prediction that I had given on May 23rd, 2008.

Wait till 12 Noon, to have a complete picture emerge. The Bellary scene is quite different, as the big money lords are biting the dust (mine dust?).

It is no doubt that statistics and astrology cannot predict to the core of results, as many people are involved.

I think we have to randomly choose a number for each consituency and see the weightage of each party and see the results, which is laborious.

I did for world cup predictions and was wrong for India and right for Pakistan in all matches. Australis emerging as winner was foregone conclusion..... but there elections are different ballgame.

God help us all.

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