Friday, May 23, 2008

Karnataka May 2008 elections results

Karnataka May 2008 elections results
(You heard it first here. Verify on May 26th morning with complete results. I have tried my level best to analyze astrologically).
Congress - Blessed with strong Jupiter on May 16th and 22nd. > 66% chance of victory. May 10th was a Sun victory, means, intelligent voters have been involved - correct - Bangalore has 28 constituencies and the days poll was for 69 seats.
BJP - favourite - Jupiter gave good start on May 10th and brought it down to 2nd level on May 16th and 22nd.  50% chance of victory.
JD(S) - Only on May 10th - some blessing from Saturn, transiting with Jupiter (only leader would win). 33% chance of victory in all.
Others and Independents - Moon survives the Jupiter onslaught - so certain caste dominant areas give their own peculiar results, irrespective of their party allegiance. < 10% overall chace.
Now the seats and numbers, in my humble opinion
Congress - 123+
BJP - 80+
JD(S) & Others - 11+
Note - It is always necessary to analyze the planets positions on the day of the polling and prominent parties along with a desired result for them individually. It cannot be done before poll, as people will have to give their votes, to decide. To check results the event should have happened. That is why you can see most of the astrologers predicting past accurately, while being vague on the future. It is a God given gift to interpret. Else all politicians would be coming to me to decide, who the next CM would be.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like angry planets against Congress and JDS did not give them the requisite victory.

BJP is great! Good Luck!

Now the political thing starts, 2 more rebels from BJP... to make it 112 and 1 more independent in Mahima Patil (son of JH Patil, ex CM).

Also the tamasha of region and castewise split of ministries - 224 * 15% = 33 + CM. So 19 new ministers from BJP (11 have been re-lected, to retain ministership).