Monday, May 26, 2008

Nostalgia of USA

I had lived in Reading, PA, USA during 95-99 and lots of memories....
I had been part of a local group of a community where I lived in.
Now the sub prime crisis has hit hard, people are selling houses, just like that, at the drop of the hat.
A house a friend of mine - bought for around $400K in 2000 is worth only $135K now. No logic. 3 Br, 2 Bath, with 0.75 acre individual home (trying searching houses for sale in 19606).
Cheaper than India. I think I am better off buying property in USA and retire. You know the local property tax is only 2% and a max of about $4K or so. This amount is completely deductible in the income.
Reading is a lovely and a safe place to live. Some small software co's are also there.

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