Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sick Companies, Small mistake and the power of FEAR

You have been reading about my debacle on to move from a Chennai based co. to another one.

The mental torture apart, a small mistake done by me inadvertently, was like shooting myself in the foot, side stepping, causing me further anxiety and let me say FEAR and trouble, other than serving the long notice period.

Sick Companies, Small mistake and the power of FEAR, causing me to pay up the cost of notice period, apart from agreeing upon a older relieving date based on my silly mistake, genuine and honest, to stop facing further consequences. Tough luck! Loss of salary, experience and mental peace. This is IT world!

I happy on the other side, a blessing in disguise, that there is a high possibility that I might revive Sharon Software Systems http://www.sharonsoftsys.com , if I cannot move and hopefully work on a new product and try my luck again!

People who are willing to take risk in the venture, please mail me at my name at hotmail.

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