Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On Accepting Offer and Joining

Life cannot be very easy as to get an offer, other than to convince on the job to be done and the value.

Negotiation is one part. Very tough, so you end up compromising on what you expected and other offers in hand.

Without sign on bonus (at least 2 months gross salary), no one would join very fast, in short notice, than finish the notice period (or else you end up paying right?). The person would use his balance vacation, and pay for the rest of the period. Still that is lot of money!

The person moving from one company to another, either based on his wishes and promotions/positions, the neglect of current company on salary and positions/promotions and money (at least 40% more or 25% after tax than current take home)... no one will want to jump form the cushy job. ESOPs are not biting carrots as the stock market can go up or down, no guarantee.

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