Saturday, March 24, 2007

Will Bermuda win against Bangladesh?

Bermuda versus Bangladesh on 25th March 2007

Will Bermuda win against Bangladesh?

No 6 at 10.13 AM  - Chennai

Moon with a connection of Venus in 12th, favourite pastime/game result.

Also Sun in the Lagna says that it is something of a challenge to intelligence, and the outcome may be just based on planets.

Asc and 11th sublords are Jupiter, which says YES.

Looking at Asc, 6th and 11th, there is Ju and Ve connection reflecting the question in mind, along with Moon.

Outcome timings....

Venus in transit in 12th. Victory for team in question, with help of Saturn which is in 3rd, with a connection of Jupiter and Venus. Clearly shows that some miracle or help is to happen.

Venus is in full swing under Jupiter influence from 18.01 PM to 1.18 AM.

Sun is in action till 3.30 AM, which clearly says that intelligence prevails.

So what I can deduce is match should be over by 1.18AM.

Bermuda should win the toss and bowl first and restrict Bangladesh to less than 150 under 40 overs, and chase the target before 1.18 AM, in 35 overs.

Yesterday I looked at the RPs of the toss at 6.30 PM IST and could deduce...

India would win and bowl against Srilanka, restrict to 250 of the opposition (still finding matches and scores with RPs)

Match will be over by 2.50AM next day, which says either India looses chasing or target is met.

Moon was in action will 10 PM only, clearly shows that the initial benefit gained is lost.

Saturn was in action which clearly showed that there was malicious intent to favour opposition.

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