Thursday, February 15, 2007

Paaratukkal = Paaratungal

Paaratukkal = Paaratungal

Dear Sujatha Rangarajan Sir,

In todays article in Kumudam (21-Feb-2007), there is a spelling mistake. Paaratukkal = Paaratungal.

On Saying Please.
On Saying No.
How to win friends and Influence People, are some of the books talk about that principle.

Also read the Bharathi's woman Chellamma article and found interesting anecdote of "Agaram"... Well I doubt todays writers would have such issues.

I see writers like yourself Sir, Rajesh Kumar, Devi Bala, Pattukottai Prabhakar and others do have commercial interests... (In fact this was the question I put to you, when you came to PSG Tech, Coimbatore during 1988-9 for Tamil Mandram talk).

As an artist we also see people loosing money in the same craft that got them such fame & dough. For ex. Kamal, Simbu and AVM group.

Also I should congratulate, Manusiya Puthiran (real name Govindasamy?) doing deeds with Uyirmai inspite of his inabilities.

Most writers happens to be Central Govt. employees,  who can love and live a pension, and continue the writing tradition. I think, you were too one Sir, now achieved great heights, with well settled family.

I cannot forget what Dindigul Leoni (TV fame) telling the other day that he cannot think a life without pension! So he is still stuck with his high school job.

Solomon Pappiya is another great with this list, and one TV Station Director Natarajan.....

I do see your regularly in the Marina beach, with my wife and kids son and a daughter, crossing in the pathway...

What do you think about Scientific astrology?


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