Thursday, February 15, 2007

Deepavali Tamil Movie

Jayam Ravi has acted well. Bhavana is cool after Veyyil.

Well low crowd in Sathyam on the second day, afternoon show!

I thought I saw the producer N.Lingusamy there! (felt like an English Movie)

This is offshoot of the Robert Ludlum novel, rehashed with Love.....

Also a touch on "Memento" with the lady loosing memory, but asking the lover to remember and get her.

Nice way to show the fisherman community. North Chennai with Vijay Milton. Whew!

I think they tried to show the Vijayakumar Character "Mudaliar" with the old stories, as shot in Royapuram, being a Dada and changing later and the son (I thought they said adopted once at "18 years"), with so many blood fight stories coming in... that would have been nice! (a hint of "Nayagan")

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