Friday, February 05, 2010

My reply to one Parisalkaaran blogpost (Tamil)

Read this first.... "ஒக்காந்து யோசிச்சது...."


For the first 'X' can also come. :-)

Typical Politicians of India. They should travel in divided highways and bullet + mine proof cars. They should not trouble the poor people. I have seen in Washington DC, Bill Clinton's convoy pass in the next lane ( total 4 lanes ) in the Washington DC Beltway. Only inside city, they announce the closing of roads, well in advance, if there is a major function like inauguration, etc.


Vesti - can trip you, and you cant swim. So Vadivelu might have understood!


One way rule is illogical - typical of Tiruppur! I am from there.... Never anywhere I have seen it. Just a guess in your style, if the length of the road 'one-way' is one kilometer, and it takes 10 minutes to cross to the other end, wont they need to stop traffic at the wrong side at 5.50 AM itself? ( 11 Pm to 6 Am )


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