Monday, June 29, 2009

Paying to a consultant to get your next job?

How much would you pay consultants p.m. to help you identify your next job?

See how Maya Nandekar's poll has got some interesting votes!


My personal opinion:

A job has many definitions. Just getting a person in a job may not suffice. What about longevity, growth, treatment at best, on par industry salary, perks etc? So a person going in eyes wide shut into a job, may not risk with a consultant. Honest!


In a nutshell, it is the employer who is wanting a better resource and he/she would have to foot the bill for the consultant, who would be sending out resumes, based on the jobsites match, and application.

I have heard that it is 1:8 hit ratio for the short listed resume and @ 1:100 ratio from job portal.

Applies / Applied to me and my recruitment's too!



Ramesh said...

If you provide some consolidated service, including checking jobs at multiple job site, makeup of resumes, customizing resumes, might give you a chance to charge the customers. My wife works for a co. where there is enough scope for improvement for the staff themselves to get the resources by job boards - name it ( naukri, timesjobs, monster etc )

Otherwise I am told that in Hyderabad, there are finishing schools, that program and coach you into a desired job. This works for freshers jobs.

Raju said...

I don't think anyone will pay the consultant to find jobs for candidates. It is always the customers. Also my company has a rider of replacement, if there is no payment (usually @ 8.33%) if replacement found within 3 months, if the selected moved out, based on performance or otherwise.

Actually I have interviewed and hired about 20 freshers for my co. where people paid like Rs 1.2 lakhs for the entire year of training cum placement, with a stipend of Rs 7K pm.

Vinita said...

No one pays money to consultants for just forwarding resumes!