Thursday, June 25, 2009

National ID Project for INDIA

I have a very good interest in doing the National ID Project!

I have written about it earlier.

This is like the US Social security number. ( I had suggested like STATE-DISTRICT-CITIZEN_NO )

You can track entire details of a person, and with smart card, you will be able to track emergency info as well.

I am not sure, government will embed a chip in every person, to remove identity faking...

With cloud computing in place, there are enough ways to provide for census ( combine with 2011 budget of census ) and take care of unemployed - educated youth with computer knowledge ( training can be imparted, with my kind of media based training, that I would suggest ) and also from the funds of NREGS and donation under 80G from corporates.

I feel it is a 3 year exercise and I wish to be part of it!

I hope that my experience would give me a chance to participate in it.


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