Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There is nothing called Free Lunch, Shani Dasa

I get hundreds of requests in a month to analyze horoscopes and give suggestions.

Shani (Sani) Dasa and its effects for 19 years

I try to help as much as I can, and for abled, I request them to donate to a charitable cause. For each chart I spend about an hour, along with spousal inputs.

As you would have read through my blog posts, about my philanthropy, I help kids for books etc costing about Rs 1000/- per kid for a year. Personally I help 5 kids minimum. There is no trust, and money is handed out to the poor.

I have also written about the philanthropic nature about my community in building schools and charitable activities etc.
So going by the principle, "There is nothing called Free Lunch ", you have to be able to give something to get something.

Lately I have been getting requests from abled folks, to get a free reading. This in spite of me telling about, my expectations in the mails they have read. How could I value the need of a person, who is sitting abroad and cannot donate $20 to a poor kid in India?

God Bless!


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