Thursday, March 05, 2009

PSG Tech, Rohit and Airtel Super Singer 2008

I have been having a love hate relation with the program Airtel Super Singer 2008.

I was pretty much impressed with the talent and me being a self taught singer too, ulike they just selecting based on prettiness!

Now Rohit a contestant comes from Coimbatore, and he is studying in PSG Tech. Dunno which course or what batch.

He is so popular that, every time, he stands on stage for elimination, he gets selected. (A True PSG attribute! My alma mater).

Now since yesterday, he eliminated himself on accoutn of not able to keep his attendance, as he has to travel back and forth to Chennai from Coimbatore. What a pity!

2 things could have been done.

  1. Coimbatore #PSG Tech has always been nice in giving time off's for students skills programs. I know for a fact that, one Ranjit Kuruvilla (SW EEE), used to miss lots of courses to play in the English County league (2nd grade)
  2. #Airtel Super Singer should conduct programs in weekends, pay airfare and help participants to travel in faster mode

Good luck Rohit!


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