Tuesday, May 06, 2008

MTR near Lalbagh is getting lousy

Recently went to MTR with family. First of all there is no parking. Where should you park the car? The management should have a valet parking service for a cost!
I parked it on JC Road lot, walked by the back gate, rached Urvasi and turned right to MTR - about 15 minutes for a lousy service at MTR.
First of all, they charged half (more?) for my kids, who didnt eat anything other than 2 pooris.
The waiters are smelly and unkempt. Luckily the food tasted good, but my wife cribbed, "again!". SHe them to the core, tastes worst than the home food. We go to hotels to have different tasty food isnt it? (of course forget the quantitiy you binge on outside, than home).

It was 3 PM, and we were in the last pandhi and got out and found that we have to exit by the back door, through the smelly kitchen. Wogh! No more visits to MTR after seeing rats and cockroaches running around there, if still you want the food of Mangalore - Mavalli.

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