Sunday, December 07, 2008

Something Fishy Langford Road

There is a pricy restaurant called Something Fishy on Langford Road, just after Sun Microsystems office, at Divyashree Chambers (Shanthi Nagar Hockey Stadium).

TOI foodie Pallavi recommended us today. I could see lots of first timers. The catch line was cost effective in this downturn.


For a family of 4, it costed us about Rs 1000/- for a hearty meal. Fish, Fish and some fish. To go with it Fish Biriyani and Malabar Parotta. It was as good or slightly expensive than Barbeque Nation, who has 3 Locations all around Bangalore.... It was like eating at Taj Residency... costing the same... Non Veg Thali for 2 adults, and a shared meal for kids...

Well Pallavi had a hearty meal (free of course) and ensured lots of people visited there.... Great Marketing!

It was like home food. No stomach troubles....

Still kids felt hungry, asked for Icecream, after a stop near Lalbagh where we met two blogger families, who came from Chennai.

I pity the newly married couple who visited there, and returned after a hectic search to find that place, knowing that Thali was not served on weekends.

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