Thursday, December 11, 2008

Social Media and Networking

My wife says I spend more time on Social friends Network than with family. ;-)

Well in case of adversities, family has helped me...

Social networking, Viral networking is a myth!

You create audience to listen to your own views discussed!

#Mumbai photos hyped..

Those who got in first, self styled social networking Gurus call the shots on determining who uses what.

Blogging is stressfull

Most of the folks use this Social networking to develop themselves at the costs of the employer. Well some might argue u get biz!

There are well known personalities on blog for ex Dr.Rudhran who use the Social Media to vent out!


Above are some inputs I gave to Amit Somani, who works for Google, and he might use those
on Chennai 104.8 Live on Monday talking about the value of Social Networking beyond "being friends"

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