Monday, October 06, 2008

Some Questions of Industry Analysts

1. What are the ten deadly sins NOT to commit when working with an industry analyst firm?
2. What are the typical characteristics of an industry analyst that will enable you to more effectively work with them?
3. As a vendor, when should you be humble and when should you position yourself as an expert?
4. Does subscribing to an analyst's research improve coverage of your products or company?
5. How is a research briefs created and what impact can a vendor have on its content?
6. What are the three highest-level benefits you can enjoy from an effective analyst relations approach?
7. How can you best capitalize on industry analyst "rules of engagement?"
8. Precisely what homework must you do before you brief an analyst?
9. How do vision and ability to execute relate to how an analyst sees your company?
10. During a briefing, how do CEOs, VPs of sales, PR firms and VPs of marketing impact how an analyst sees your company?

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sagecircle said...

Hi Vijay, These are all great questions. You can find many if not all the answers on SageCircle’s blog about the analyst ecosystem and analyst relations (AR). For example, here are two posts that address #4:

Analyst integrity issues – the urban legend that won’t die

Why startups have their briefing requests turned down

We have over 350 posts on analyst relations (AR) and analysts in addition to our training, advisory and online library.