Friday, September 19, 2008

Yaar Adutha Prabhudeva?

Another lousy program from the stable of Vijay TV....

There was one character yesterday, who flew in from London all the way to make it big in the Cinema world. Dancer/Master Sridhar rejects him saying that this is not a platform to aim that, you just dance. There is no point in it. The extra dancer Prabhudeva those days, thanks to his Father Sundaram's connections...made it to becoming an equal hero with Kamal in Kadhala, Kadhala. Look who is talking?

I felt sad for one participant Gaurav (I am announcing a Rs 1000/- award for him, he can mail me with details to collect it), who was kindled to be a "reject" by his friends... mishap on the stage (I wish to see the Youtube of it) wrong song recorded for his performance, he was dancing and asking for the song to be changed... laughed to the core. I dotn know why he was rejected.

Gautham was doing a good job, and he was rejecting left and right, so the program producer - recused him?

BTW, why is Chaya Singh chosen as a judge. I doubt she knows dance....only dubbankuthu ... manmadha raasa song... (one film wonder)

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